800 procedural materials for Blender - Free download

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800 procedural materials for Blender - Free download

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203 ratings

5770 Free Materials And High-Resolution Textures

Blender Market Best Blender Addons In 2023

Best Free Blender Add-Ons of 2023

Free Scifi Panel Generator Addon

Free download of over 800 Cycles and OSL materials in Blender

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Continuing the fantastic collection of CC0, procedural Blender materials originally created by MetaAndrocto, this pack is made compatible with Blender 3.0 asset library (With minor quirks to be fixed), fixes to some of the existing materials, as well as new additions!

You can download CC0 licensed Cycles and OSL materials that can be procedurally adjusted to more than 800 types that can be used in the blender for free, add them to the Asset Browser of Blender 3.0, and display them all at once.

90% OFF(Valid Till May 31) = (30 Addon) = only $30 :

Ultimate Value Pack! ($300 Value for only $30 For 30 Addons) :

  1. Procedural Materials Library Addon
  2. Procedural Planet Generator
  3. Nebula Generator Blender Addon
  4. Quick Studio Light
  5. Easy Holographic Addon
  6. Easy Ocean Addon
  7. Procedural Abstract Materials Addon
  8. Easy Clouds Maker
  9. Easy Fog Blender - Free Addon
  10. Liquid Bubble Addon
  11. Scifi Extrude Addon
  12. Fantasy Sky Addon
  13. Rock Cover Add-On
  14. Low Poly Environment Builder Addon
  15. Cracks And Damage Maker Add-On
  16. Rock Cliff Maker Add-On
  17. Greenleaf Add-On
  18. Scifi Material Generator Add-On
  19. Procedural Green Ocean Environment Addon
  20. Procedural Desert Environment
  21. Blueprint Maker
  22. Rockline Addon
  23. Jet Flame Blender Addon
  24. Blentoon Addon
  25. Neon Text Addon
  26. Easy Fire Blender Addon
  27. Hatch Addon
  28. Brick Wall Generator
  29. Rock Generator
    30.Procedural Scifi Wires Add-On


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